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Oman’s Minister of Manpower has issued a decision regulating part-time work, based on suggestions by the Labour Laboratories of the Tanfeedh Program in 2016. It states that Omanis may be employed part-time for not less than four hours daily and not more than 25 hours a week, with a minimum wage of three riyals per hour to be allotted to the worker.

Furthermore, students aged between 15 to 17 years are allowed to work in part-time jobs between 6am to 6pm. Economic experts believe that this decision will provide more jobs especially for Omani school students, and provide experience that could eventually help them to join the labour force more easily after they graduate.

Supporting the move for part-time employment, OCF will feature internships for school leavers, undergraduates & graduates from key industries with growth and employment potential in Oman including Oil & Gas, Aviation, Hospitality, Mining, Construction, Logistics, Tourism, Finance, Automotive & more.

The MoHE has reported that besides openings in the Oil & Gas sectors, openings in sectors like Tourism, Hospitality and Banking also show promise. Meanwhile, employment opportunities in Management, Commerce, Engineering & IT continue to offer opportunities.

Internship programs offer students a wonderful way to improve their interpersonal and communication skills and a chance to gain corporate and industry experience in their chosen fields. Knowledge which will serve them well and is required by employers in today’s competitive job market.

Whether students are looking to connect academic knowledge with professional experience, or opportunities for employment, improving resumes, or internships as part of course curriculums , OCF will help those interested gain useful knowledge and insight for their careers and a competitive advantage over their peers.

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