This year we have increased our marketing to augment your OCF experience and generate business. Our extensive campaign is set to guarantee maximum event exposure with minimum effort from your side:

Internship Programs

Companies from key industries with growth and employment potential including, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Hospitality, Mining, Construction, Logistics, Tourism, Finance, Automotive & more are invited to promote their internship programs among school leavers, undergraduates & graduates at OCF. As a new addition to this year’s event, these internship programs will allow students to connect their knowledge to practical experience which will help them progress their careers.

Media Campaigns

With over 20 years of experience in promoting a wide range of events in Oman and looking after the media, we are planning to maximize event coverage for OCF through extensive print & online media campaigns including listings in both print and online directories, advertising and press releases.

Online Presence

OCF will be given added value through an online presence and promotion of the OCF website, blogs, influencers, digital channels, forums, online communities, email shots and digital advertisements to ensure that audiences have every opportunity to attend the event.

Radio Advertising

Strategic spots at select local stations will serve as an extra reminder for visitors to get involved with OCF as the unparalleled event for career planning, training & employment for the national workforce.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing promotions will also spread the word on OCF 2018, keeping audiences up-to-date on Oman’s public and private sector employment opportunities, career planning & skills training.

Social Media – #ocf2018

From daily show updates to sponsored posts, OCF news via social media outlets will reach out to target visitors across all essential channels, reminding them of all that is new and featured at this year’s OCF.

Press Relations

Ensuring that key journalists are kept fully informed with this year’s content, features and attractions at OCF with news updates through locally held press conferences and a schedule of press releases to ensure the event stays in the mind of audiences and increases the show’s overall visibility.

Outdoor Promotion

We will also ensure that the OCF brand receives maximum exposure through outdoor campaigns including mall branding activities, targeted leaflet distributions, stand branding and roll up banner displays in select locations to ensure that visitors get every incentive to attend the event.

Targeted Invitations

Prior to the event, students studying in colleges & universities in Oman will be invited to attend OCF through flyer promotions at campuses & awareness initiatives through counsellors who will inform students about available job opportunities. Additionally, this will ensure they ‘save the dates’ for OCF & have adequate time to plan their visit in advance and arrange appointments for important discussions.